Accounts receivable management and legal collection

We help you if the customer does not pay

Late payers are not only a nuisance, they also pose a serious risk, especially for small and medium-sized companies. If the invoice amount is substantial and you simply cannot get your money, the lack of liquidity can endanger your entire existence. But even with open claims with less serious effects, it is important that you proceed in a legally secure manner right from the start and at the same time give your claim the greatest possible emphasis.

With our legal accounts receivable management and legal debt collection, we ensure that you take the legally most secure and often fastest way to get the money you are owed.

Your lawyer for accounts receivable management – save time, money and nerves

If your customer does not pay, you are entitled to demand 5% interest on arrears and to send a reminder after 30 days according to § 286 of the German Civil Code (BGB). A lengthy process that costs you time, money and liquidity and also requires legal expertise. If you commit formal mistakes here, this can further impair your chances of success.

Many creditors therefore think first of calling in a debt collection agency if the debtor does not pay. In this case, there are also a few things to consider.

What distinguishes legal accounts receivable management from debt collection agency services

Involving a debt collection company for defaulting payers is an obvious idea.
However, this approach has at least three disadvantages:


In principle, you have to pay for a collection service yourself, while legal representation is very likely to be taken over by your legal protection insurance.

In both cases, it is a prerequisite that your claim is legitimate.


Many debt collection companies charge basic fees or deduct part of the invoice amount.

If we work for you, we will ensure that you receive the full amount of the money owed to you and that your debtor pays the fee.


If the debt collection service does not successfully collect your money, you must also hire a lawyer to look after your interests, e.g. to file a lawsuit. As a rule, a debt collection service provider is not allowed to represent you in court. You lose valuable time and often also money.

Do you want to sell your debt before you lose it all?

Another way to get rid of an open claim is to sell your claim. In practice this means that a company calculates the possible costs that it will incur in order to get the debtor to pay, assesses the risk of a complete default and then makes you an offer. You will receive part of the invoice amount and subsequently assign all further claims.

As the saying goes “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, and those who have grown tired of the issue or maybe even are in dire straits accept such a deal. Depending on the expected risk, however, the amount paid out can amount to a fraction of the original invoice amount.

You would then have lost a lot of time and money and all further claims. As a law firm for accounts receivable management, we advise you in most cases to refrain from such loss-making procedures and to commission us to represent your interests in good time.

Do you want to benefit from legal accounts receivable management?
Are your debtors not paying you?
Do you want to avoid payment defaults in advance?

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Exceeding payment deadlines as a common business practice

Not every customer sees himself as an honest businessman who sticks to agreements and pays on time. On the contrary. Exceeding payment deadlines is often neither negligence nor a result of an emergency, but rather has now become a widespread business practice. Companies that assume that you, as a creditor, would not dare to hire a lawyer or to take legal action because you do not want to endanger the business relationship or avoid potential costs, are speculating that you will keep quiet.

Many companies now even calculate the costs from the start that arise if they pay long after the due date or are sued by a small fraction of the creditors. Such companies deliberately work at your expense with the loan you have granted them involuntarily. Consistent accounts receivable management is particularly important in such cases.

Do not lose any time and pay attention to a legally secure dunning procedure

We ensure that your claim is enforced in a timely and legally secure manner right from the start. And we will work for you in advance to avoid bad debts and legal disputes.

We take over for you:

  • Credit check of new customers
  • Dunning from A-Z
  • Negotiation of payment agreements
  • Judicial enforcement of claims
  • Judicial dunning
  • Litigation
  • Accounts receivables management also internationally

In summary: We do everything to help you get the money you have earned. On time, legally secure and always as efficient as possible.

Do you want to benefit from legal accounts receivable management?

Are your debtors not paying you?

Do you want to avoid payment defaults in advance?

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