Banking and capital market law – we successfully represent aggrieved investors

This is how we enforce your claims for damages

As an aggrieved investor, if you are looking for competent legal representation with in-depth knowledge of banking and capital market law and correspondingly demonstrable success, then you have come to the right place. We represent successfully aggrieved investors and enforce their claims in or out of court.

The disputes are often based on incorrect investment advice from banks and financial service providers. However, legislation and the courts provide for extensive information and advice obligations to protect investors.

One of our main tasks in the field of banking and capital market law is to demonstrate and prove the breach of these obligations. However, incorrect issue prospectuses are also a starting point. In such a case, there may be claims against the issuer, which we will enforce for you.

Incorrect advice and a lack of clarification by banks and financial service providers

We have extensive experience in enforcing banking and capital market law for aggrieved investors.

Do not be deterred by the size and attitude of the legal departments of banks and financial service providers if you assume that you were given incorrect investment advice.

We can show you the successes we have already achieved for our clients and advise you conscientiously on the risks and opportunities that we see in your case.

In the past we have been able to enforce
various claims for our clients in and out of court against these banks:

  • Postbank
  • Commerzbank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Savings banks
  • other major banks

We successfully take action against incorrect advice on funds, certificates and insurance

It is often the so-called incorrect advice on open funds, closed-end funds, funds of funds, certificates, interest rate swaps, asset management and unit-linked life and pension insurance that leads to serious investment errors.

If these investments are conveyed to you as a customer without the consultant having adequately informed you about the risks of the respective investment or form of investment, then we will find a leverage point to enforce the claims of our clients.

We examine your individual case, calculate the resulting claims for damages and successfully enforce them against your bank, your financial service provider or other parties involved, such as the issuing company or fund management. We do this out of court or in court.

We check these aspects of incorrect investment advice for you

If you have suffered financial losses and see indications of incorrect investment advice, we will check the following aspects, among others:

  • Has your investment advisor breached any advisory obligations?
  • Have so-called kickback payments been kept secret?
  • Were there any prospectus errors that misled you?
  • Did your asset manager violate investment guidelines?

And much more. It is essential that you also observe the limitation periods in your case. The right to compensation for incorrect advice expires three years after knowledge of the advisory error.
Otherwise, the right to compensation expires ten years after the investment has been signed.

Have you suffered financial losses from bad or incorrect advice?
We enforce your claims

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Bad and incorrect advice from investors and your rights

Your bank or financial service provider is obliged to advise you comprehensively, clearly, completely and truthfully on the investments and financial products that they advise you on. This also means that advisors find out whether you have sufficient knowledge and experience of the respective financial instruments to be able to assess the costs and risks associated with the investment.

Today, the logging of bank consultations is mandatory. This is to ensure that investors are fully informed. However, such logging is often dismissed as a formality and a necessary evil to investors, instead of actually being used for clarification.

If a consultant violates his or her advisory obligations, then this is so-called bad or incorrect advice. Contact us immediately if you suspect such incorrect advice and you have suffered damage as a result. We enforce your claims for damages.

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