Commercial law and corporate law – on the safe side from founding to retirement

Your lawyers for commercial and corporate law support, advise and represent you in all phases

As lawyers for commercial and corporate law, we advise you comprehensively and reliably in the preparation and start-up phase of your company. We want you to be on the right track and on the safe side right from the start. And not just at the start, but also in the following years and decades.

For you as a Partner, Managing director, Board member or Supervisory board member, we are much more than legal advisors for individual contracts or, in the event of a dispute, your representative in court. As lawyers for commercial law and corporate law, we will be at your side at all times in both legal and economic questions in all phases of your company and advise you on economic aspects, but also regarding liability and in contractual and criminal matters.

A valuable advisor and companion, especially in the era of start-ups

For some years now, more and more people have ventured into the arena of entrepreneurs with creative ideas, even without an entrepreneurial background. Outsourcing makes it possible to delegate a large number of tasks to partners and service providers so that nobody has to be an all-rounder anymore. Many start-up founders often prefer to concentrate on implementing their good idea rather than on legal aspects such as commercial law and company law, the different types of companies or other legal or economic issues.

We support young entrepreneurs with start-up issues as well as the drafting of contracts, with out-of-court or judicial disputes and with regard to economic questions and concepts.

For newcomers as well as for old hands – we are your competent partner in economic matters

As lawyers for commercial and corporate law, we advise and represent you not only in legal matters. Together with you, we develop short and long-term strategies for the successful management of your company. Our support includes both corporations (GmbH, AG) and partnerships (e.g. GbR, GmbH & Co. KG, silent partnership).

Even in the event of impending or acute insolvency, we will be there for you and advise you on restructuring, reorganisation or liquidation issues.

Extract of our areas of activity in commercial and corporate law

  • Company founding
  • Advice to corporations and partnerships
  • Advice to shareholders, Managing directors, Board members, Supervisory board members
  • Creation of strategies for successful business management
  • Capital increase, capital decrease
  • Defence against unjustified claims
  • Business succession arrangements
  • Judicial prosecution of existing legal claims of the company
  • Restructuring in the event of bankruptcy

We are your partner for commercial law and corporate law and also advise you on economic issues. What can we do for you?

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Commercial law and company law in Germany

In Germany and internationally, merchants are subject to special law. This regulates sub-areas of their business activities. These special laws are known as the Commercial Code (HGB) and its subsidiary laws such as the Check law (SchG) and the Bill of exchange law (WG). In a broader sense, the norms of company law, as well as securities, banking, capital market and stock exchange law are also included in commercial law.

Even if it may surprise you at first – current commercial law applies not only to merchants who do business, but also to craft, industry, the so-called primary production and the group of service providers outside the liberal professions such as taxi companies, cinemas and restaurants.

Company law is the area of law that regulates associations of persons under private law that are established through legal transactions to achieve a specific purpose. In other words, when people come together to start and run a business. In addition, the common company law of the EU Member States applies in Germany.

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