Lawyers for building law and architectural law – act in good time with building projects

Complex building law and architectural law are full of pitfalls that can be costly

In building law in particular, we recommend that you do not only use our services as a lawyer when the situation threatens to escalate or the proverbial milk has already been spilled. Every building project is fraught with complex legal issues that need to be coordinated and adjusted in good time.

Of course, we will also be at your side with advice and action if a conflict has already arisen. In this case, we first try to find an out-of-court solution and check all other options for efficiency and profitability.

Better to take precautions when undertaking a building project

However, our main concern is to protect you from risks and differences in a preventive way. We do this by accompanying you in the planning phase, advising you competently and providing practical support so that together we can reduce the potential for conflict to a minimum. So you can start your construction project with a good feeling and the best possible planning security.

We are at your side as lawyers in the preparation of your construction project

So that the often true horror stories that you may have heard about clients who have suffered damage remain just stories for you, you can receive the entire all-round carefree package for building projects from us on request.

In practice, this means that we accompany and advise you from the first planning steps through financing to handing over the keys and also afterwards. As lawyers for building law, we check and monitor the building permit process, the building planning process, review and, if necessary, negotiate all contracts that you intend to conclude in connection with your building project, and enforce your interests in the event of a building faults or other conflicts.

Examples of our services in building law for you:

  • Contract drafting, review, advice
  • Creation and checking or appealing building permits
  • Supervision during construction
  • Requests for supplementary performance
  • Assertion of damages
  • Enforcement of contractual penalties in the event of a delay in construction or similar.
  • Implementation of evidence proceedings
  • Judicial enforcement of payment claims
  • etc.

Basics of public and private building law

The term building law refers to those provisions of private and administrative law that regulate the type and extent of the structural use of a property, the order of the development and the legal relationships of those involved in the construction of a building.

A distinction must be made between public and private building law. Public building law includes all legal provisions that relate to the structural use of the ground. It is in turn subdivided into building planning law, which, among other things, regulates the buildability of land, and building law, which regulates the regulations for individual building projects. Building planning law is in the hands of the Federal government, while building regulations are a matter for the Federal states. The respective enforcement is carried out by the responsible building supervisory authorities.

Private building law regulates claims under private law and agreements between the parties involved in the construction. Apart from the reconciliation of interests of private property owners, private building law includes building contract law as well as the relevant legal norms of civil law, land ownership, neighbour law and all work contracts that are concluded for the planning, preparation and implementation of the building project. This also includes the architect contract and the building contract with the construction company.

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