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Mergers & Acquisitions – we advise you on mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, which are corporate transactions in which companies merge or change hands, require far more than just one legal representation from each side in order to push through as many of their own ideas as possible.

What is needed in the sensitive area of M&A is extensive knowledge, many years of experience, strategic thinking and absolutely the right instinct to negotiate constructively while also keeping an eye on all eventualities and pitfalls. With this knowledge and these skills, we support you in every phase of your mergers and acquisitions.

Business combinations, corporate takeovers, joint ventures, carve outs and mergers

Our tasks in the area of mergers & acquisitions encompass the entire process of the takeover. It starts with the letter of intent, the first declaration of intent, continues through the risk assessment, the drafting of the contracts, negotiations and legal advice up to the closing.

Here you can see an excerpt from our range of advisory services in connection with company mergers and takeovers:

  • Accompanying the entire transaction process
  • Legal advice, drafting of company purchase agreements
  • Joint ventures and related solutions for complex shareholder structures
  • Structuring of complex company acquisitions on the buyer and seller side
  • Reorganisation, restructuring of companies
  • Integration and outsourcing of holdings and parts of the company
  • Acquisition financing, bond financing, capital market-related instruments
  • Private equity, Venture capital
  • Participation in bidding processes
  • Public takeovers and initial public offerings
  • Privatisations

Expertise and broad positioning in one –
Hoppe is your law firm for mergers and acquisitions

Successful advice and representation in mergers & acquisitions by a law firm requires the right combination of specialist knowledge and a broad setup. We know from our experience that corporate takeovers and mergers require in-depth knowledge of capital market law, corporate law, commercial law as well as antitrust law, tax law and labour law.

Depending on the circumstances of the individual business, other areas of law are also affected. Knowledge and experience in negotiation are also indispensable in order to bring your corporate transaction to a safe and competent conclusion.

Do not take unnecessary risks with Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).
We advise and represent you successfully in corporate transactions.

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Overcome the fairy tale of the voracious locusts

It goes without saying that our first task as M&A lawyers is to represent your interests successfully in the area of corporate transactions. This does not mean, however, that we put on blinkers and try to force your goals upon the negotiating partner regardless of the losses incurred. This is “the old way” that gave birth to the narrative of evil investors as voracious locusts who attack and loot a company.

On the other hand, we work successfully for you because we consider both sides from the start and therefore make concessions at the appropriate point in consultation with you, as we keep an eye on the overall success of the negotiations and long-term economic action. We also take into account the consequences for the workforce and the public impact with Mergers & Acquisitions.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers & Acquisitions, often called M&A for short, are usually fusions or mergers of companies into a single legal and economic unit or the acquisition of business units or an entire company . Mergers & Acquisitions or M&A refers to all processes in the context of the transfer and encumbrance of property rights to companies.

This also includes the formation of a group, the restructuring of groups, the merger and conversion in the legal sense, the squeeze out, the financing of the company acquisition, the establishment of joint ventures and the complete takeover of companies.

We advise and represent you
successfully in corporate transactions.

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