Your lawyers for sports law – a challenging area of law

Sports law as a complex mix of numerous areas of law

Sports law has now developed into an extremely complex subject area. If you are looking for a law firm or a lawyer for sports law, then there is one special factor to consider: Sports law itself comprises numerous individual areas of law in a scope and weighting that depends on each individual case.

This means that anyone who represents you as a lawyer for sports law must also master association law, labour law and company law, as well as media law, copyright, trademark law, competition law and the complex interplay of these areas.

To express it in sports terms:
Your lawyer for sports law has to master a decathlon so that he or she can advise you competently and represent you successfully. And that is seldom the case.

Your lawyers for sports law - a challenging area of law

Sport – it is now far more than competition and entertainment

Sports law has become so complex because, due to its increasing professionalism and commercialisation, sport only superficially means that athletes and teams compete with one another and therefore entertain the spectators and fans. In the background it is about complex marketing strategies, complex contracts and, ultimately, mostly about a lot of money.

Therefore, on the one hand, sport has become an important object of commercial rights and image marketing, on the other hand, it also opens up a wide-ranging field of labour law issues. In addition, criminal law aspects play a role, for example regarding doping issues.

The legal basis of sports law

Sports law can be divided into the civil law set of rules drawn up by sports associations and clubs on the one hand and a so-called legal cross-sectional matter on the other.

The civil law side of sports law is in practice regulated by private sports courts – the most well-known form, for example, is the referee on the football field.

In jurisprudence, a cross-sectional legal matter is understood to be a subject that is dealt with by several jurisprudential subjects.

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Civil law regulations and association autonomy

Association autonomy is protected by Article 9, para. 1 of the Constitution. Simply stated, it means that an association can punish actions contrary to its own rules itself without resorting to State courts. If the association has prohibited the use of certain substances, it can determine the penalty for an athlete who has been found to be doping. Or if a player commits a vicious foul, he of she will not be convicted according to State law, but rather according to the rules of the responsible association.

Special and incidental sports law in State law

Of course, sports law is not an area completely untouched by State law, but rather it is the contrary. State law can be divided into special and incidental sports law. The so-called special sports law comprises legal norms that were even issued specifically to regulate sports matters.

These include the Anti-Doping Act and §§ 265c and 265d of the German Penal Code (sports betting fraud, manipulation of professional sports competitions).

Incidental sports law is assigned to all those regulations that apply to sports law issues, but were actually designed for other regulatory areas.

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