Start-up advice from your law firm

We advise and support start-ups right from the start

Start-up advice from a lawyer – so that you can avoid costly mistakes from the outset. Well over half a million founders take the big step into entrepreneurship in Germany every year.

In the beginning there is usually a creative idea, a flash of inspiration, an ideal, a vision, the desire to change something in the world or part of it, maybe even to leave your mark.

However, many of the tracks do not become very deep or only show up in the form of legal and financial problems.

Are you about to start a business, are you thinking about it or have you even taken the first steps?

Then we are at your side as a law firm for start-up advice. And that in more areas than you might expect at first.

Start-up advice from a lawyer –
a solid foundation for your company

Without a promising idea, you probably would not even think of starting a business. On the other hand, creative minds, value-oriented people and idealists all too often make the mistake of concentrating almost completely on their good content and neglecting legal, formal and other external and structural factors.

With our legal advice for start-ups, we can make a significant contribution to ensuring that your founding is well-done from the start – and that all legal and economic questions are clarified in an optimum way.

We will be happy to answer all your questions for your start-up company!

Avoid typical start-up mistakes

Experts say only one in ten start-ups will be successful. More than 80 percent of all start-ups fail completely within three years, many statistics even come to a rate of 90 percent of failed companies within the first three years after being founded. What happens in those cases? What mistakes do young companies make? And how can we help you avoid these mistakes?

In the following, we list some typical hurdles that start-up entrepreneurs stumble upon at first. We advise and represent you competently in each of these aspects – and with numerous other questions. We do not work on subtasks with blinkers, but rather we know from experience that the entire chain can only be as strong as its weakest link and how important comprehensive planning and preparation is for your success.

Typical mistakes with serious consequences are:

  • Missing or incomplete corporate strategy
  • Unclear positioning / specialisation
  • Serious mistakes in financial planning
  • Neglect of significant legal issues
  • Conflicts in the founding team
  • Undeveloped business model
  • Scaling at the wrong time
  • and much more

We see it as our task as a law firm to provide you start-up advice in good time in all matters for the founding of your company and, ideally, to accompany you on your path to success in the long term.

The exact measures are entirely in your hands – with the start-up advice from the lawyers at Hoppe, you will always receive the right, tailor-made solution for you.

Start-up advice from the Hoppe law firm.
We accompany you right from the start so that your company has the best possible conditions for long-term success in the market.

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