Mr. Plietzsch completed his studies at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel. He then started his legal traineeship in Schleswig-Holstein at the Regional court in Flensburg.

After positions at the Public prosecutor’s office in Flensburg and the District court in Flensburg, the other traineeships were at the Schleswig-Holsteinische Gemeindetag e.V., the law firm Tanis | von der Mosel in Kiel and the Bündnis 90 parliamentary group | The Greens in the Schleswig-Holstein State parliament.

In addition to his professional activity, Mr. Plietzsch is a member of the executive committee of the Schleswig-Holstein Badminton Association and is active in local politics. He is a member of the finance committee of the Altenholz community and teaches prospective sports trainers on the subject of “Law for trainers”.